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Anniversary SMS For Wife – Best Anniversary Message for Wife

Love for a wife is something which is very sensitive and warm. Wife is one of the most important parts of someone’s life. She is your lover and a person with whom you are going to spend and live the rest of the moments of your life. Here is some Anniversary Message for Wife from which you can express your feelings for your lovely wife.

Anniversary Message for Wife in 2019

Happy Marriage Anniversary Message for Wife
Happy Marriage Anniversary Message for Wife

A wedding anniversary is a special time of year for a husband and a wife. A time when they became two people to one soul when they promised each other to stay with each other forever.

“How is it that I can still get goosebumps when I see your beautiful face? Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife, no years can erase the special feeling I have when you walk into a room.”

“I’ll always remember the day I married you,
Without you my love, my beauty,
I don’t know what I would do.
Thanks for being darling wife
Happy Anniversary”

“I will never stop dreaming because you are my dream nor stop hoping because you are my hope, girl I will never stop loving because you are my LOVE.”

Today is a day to celebrate the love I have in my heart for you. I love you always honey, and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

It’s not a fact we agree in each matter or not, the matter is we sacrifice for each other in every situation. Happy marriage anniversary to a beautiful woman of the world.

I love you are words just three, which mean so much on our anniversary. So this is what I want to say, live in my heart and there forever stay. Love you my wife!

Marriage Anniversary SMS for Wife

Top Wedding Anniversary Message for Wife
Top Wedding Anniversary Message for Wife

Expressing and sharing warm anniversary wishes to your beloved one is a bit difficult task for any man. Being a husband, you should never forget this special day of your wedding. Most of the husbands use to mark this date on the calendar and eagerly wait for this day to come. Read and Share top Anniversary Message for Wife.

Every marriage anniversary is a great chance to feel thankful for all the love, support and unconditional cares which your wife has given to you. It is a special time to celebrate and to cherish the relationship between husband and wife.

  1. U are just too gud to me. I luv u now more than ever. Happy 3rd Anniversary.

  2. As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change … I will always keep falling in love with you.

  3. I can’t imagine living a life without u. I’d probably be doing the dishes, laundry, and cook by myself. Thnx!

  4. Many years have gone by since we got married. Yet, the bond we share has only gotten stronger. I can’t imagine my lyf without u. Happy marriage day!

  5. Happniess is all what we want, love is all what v can give lyf is happy but only when you are with me don’t want to lose u ever wish you a very happy 10th marriage anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary SMS for Wife

Happy Marriage Anniversary SMS for Wife
Happy Marriage Anniversary SMS for Wife

Here are some wedding anniversary messages for wife along with the best anniversary greetings that you can send by using the text message or simply write it into cards. Nobody can even realize the bond and love that you two people share with each other. You should feel lucky for having such a caring and loving wife. It is that day in your life on which you should show your endless love and care to your wife. You can wish your wife by picking up the best messages from the best anniversary message to wife listed below.

    1. The best thing that ever happened to me is you. Happy anniversary my sweet dear wife!

    2. I will luv u even when we are old and wrinkly. Happy anniversary!

    3. The lyf we have now is the one I have always wished for. Taking u as my wife is my biggest, most important decision I have ever made in my lyf that brings me no regrets.

    4. It doesn’t matter whether it is our first, fifth, tenth or fifteenth marriage anniversary. What matters is that I will always luv u and u will always luv me. Happy anniversary darling.

    5. Together, we are whole. I am fortunate to have found my soul mate and luvr in u. Happy Anniversary, my dear heart!

    6. Through the good times and the bad, through rain and sunshine, through all the seasons of life that we have endured, I thank God that I had you to face them with me. Happy Anniversary my love.

    7. I did not think that it was possible, but you’re even more luvly nd beautiful to me now than on our wedding day.

    8. U know you’re in a real relationship when making sacrifices for someone else makes you happy from within. I luv u, happy anniversary.

    9. God must have been looking out for me bcz He gave me the most beautiful angel as a wife. Very happy anniversary my dear, I luv you so much.

Smile, Sing, laugh, dance, wish, luv, hope dream on your anniversary, do everything that makes u happy!

Best Anniversary Message for Wife

Here is the top wedding anniversary message for Wife in English. Read Enjoy and share top marriage anniversary SMS for Wife.

    1. The day we took our wedding vows was the beginning of our journey to a wonderland. Hold my hand always my dear, promise me not to let go. Happy wedding anniversary.

    2. Of all the blessings I have been showered in this life, you are the greatest and most precious today and for all time. Happy Anniversary to my forever luv.

    3. U are the answer to my life’s questions, you are the destination of my life’s journey. U are the solution to my life’s problems. Happy Anniversary!

    4. Time stood still for me for a moment on the day that you said I Do to me. Through the years, whenever this day cums once again time stands still for me because you are still saying I Do. Happy Anniversary.

    5. Thank u for giving me the chance to be ur life partner. I will forever remain faithful to you till death do us part. I love you.

    6. It doesn’t matter how many hardships I have been through. As long as you are by my side, I can manage it. U complete me, darling, I luv u so much.

    7. Without u, there would be no family. U r the glue that holds us together. You are the luv that keeps us strong. Happy anniversary, and may we have a hundred more to cum.

    8. Marriage isn’t only about all the gud times, I know that the luv we have for each other is real bcz we have been through the good and the bad and we’re still together.

    9. A beautiful rose for a beautiful woman who has given me a beautiful life. Happy anniversary

    10. I am one of the few lucky men in this world who can say that their best friend, grlfrnd nd wife are the same woman. Happy first anniversary.

    11. My wife, thanx for sharing your tremendous luv with me, you’re my entire world. Glad anniversary sweetheart!

    12. Wow, time sure does fly, it feels like only yesterday we were standing at the alter but I luv u more today than I did on that magical day.

    13. My heart is filled with so mch happiness that I can feel no other emotions today. The only thing on my mind is the celebration of our luv, and the happiness we share. Happy anniversary!

    14. I want to spend my lifetime luving u. I want to spend my lifetime making u happy. I enjoy every minute we’re together. I will happily enjoy a billion more with you forever! happy anniversary my lady luv.

On our anniversary today, promise me that you will stop arguing with me, you will stop being jealous, you will not be a possessive partner. Happy anniversary, honey.

Top Anniversary Message for Wife

Best Anniversary Message for Wife
Best Anniversary Message for Wife

These are the best happy anniversary messages to wife. You can send any of these messages as the first wedding anniversary wishes. These are the best anniversary wishes you can find. These anniversary sayings will express your love to your life partner. They can also be used as your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th or 25th wedding anniversary wishes. If you are just engaged, then you can send any of them to your partner as an engagement wish also. Read more Anniversary Message for Wife on

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