Democracy Essay for Students, Children and Teachers

Democracy Essay for Students, Children and Teachers
Democracy Essay for Students, Children and Teachers

Here is a short as well as long essay on democracy. Read, write and learn this easy essay on democracy of 500+ Words by heart.

Essay on Democracy 500+ Words

Democracy is known as the finest form of government. Why so? Because in a democracy, the people of the country choose their government. They enjoy certain rights which are very essential for any human being to live freely and happily. There are various democratic countries in the world, but India is the largest one. Democracy has withstood the test of time, and while other forms have the government has failed, democracy stood strong. It has time and again proved its importance and impact.

Democracy essay in Short Lines

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Significance of a Democracy

Democracy is very important for human development. When people have free will to live freely, they will be happier. Moreover, we have seen how other forms of government have turned out to be. Citizens are not that happy and prosperous in a monarchy or anarchy.

Furthermore, democracy lets people have equal rights. This ensures that equality prevails all over the country. Subsequently, it also gives them duties. These duties make them better citizens and are also important for their overall development.

Important About Democracy

Most importantly, in a democracy, the people form the government. So, this selection of the government by the citizens gives everyone a chance to work for their country. It allows the law to prevail efficiently as the rules are made by people whom they have selected.

In addition, democracy allows people of various religions and cultures to exist peacefully. It makes them live in harmony with one another. People of democracy are more tolerant and accepting of each other’s differences. This is very important for any country to be happy and prosper.

Democracy in India

India: A Democratic Country
India is known to be the largest democracy all over the world. After the rule of the British ended in 1947, India adopted democracy. In India, all the citizens who are above the age of 18 get the right to vote. It does not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, gender, color, or more.

Further, it follows five principles of democracy. They are secular, sovereign, republic, socialist, and democratic. All of these maintain the democracy of India. Following these principles, political parties contest for elections and the won with the majority of votes, wins. However, the citizens of India do not vote in abundance. There are steps being taken to encourage voting for a better future.

Although India is the largest democracy it still has a long way to go. The country faces a lot of problems that do not let it efficiently function as a democracy. The caste system is still prevalent which hampers with the socialist principle of democracy. Moreover, communalism is also on the rise. This interferes with the secular aspect of the country. All these differences need to be set aside to ensure the happiness and prosperity of the citizens.

In short, democracy in India is still better than that in most of the countries. Nonetheless, there is a lot of room for improvement which we must focus on. The government must implement stringent laws to ensure no discrimination takes place. In addition, awareness programs must be held to make citizens aware of their rights and duties.

Democracy in Pakistan

Democracy is the basis on which Pakistan came into being in 1947. Pakistan is considered the World largest among Islamic democracies in the Muslim world. The most special thing about democracy is people choose their leader and have active involvement in the government decision. The fluctuation in Pakistan’s democracy has been observed from the start, whether it is military or civilian government due to the instability of Pakistan. There are many countries all over the world that follows democracy but Pakistan follows its own different ways.

The reason behind this is the less knowledge of Pakistani people regarding how actual democracy works. Also, this is the same cause that can affect Pakistan’s future badly. Moreover, flawed political culture and legal pluralism is another thing that is another unsafe picture of the future.

There are different sects of Pakistan which follows their own set of rules and these different ideologies have open door to political revolution. Knowledge can make ways towards the betterment when awareness is the key to solve any country matters. Pakistan has survived through democracy system. The fact can’t be denied that Pakistan’s democratic organizations have been crushed many times. The political parties themselves are found to break the rules and ride the cycle of corruption, money laundering, and other false tricks.

Public of Pakistan Country

People of Pakistan are strong enough in facing various calamities that occur their way. The influence of the military is not less even after being transformed as a democratic Country. Here in Pakistan if we see deeply derived meaning of democracy is the steps of parliamentarian’s steps for their own well-being. From years the political parties are working on their own betterment rather than the country establishment. When a Democratic Party transfers its power to another is what until now understood as a democracy in this country. Surprisingly, 2018 elections show success as the longest period of democracy without the involvement of a military coup.

Nature of Different Countries in the World

Democratic countries are making a good change in the world but this change is also caused when people know much and the literacy rate is high. When the government thinks about its people and people regard its government decisions. Many believed that the future of Pakistan is nowhere seeing the political condition and less informed democratic rules. The current government has given the biggest hopes to Pakistanis but the current economic situation doesn’t show a good sign for at least the coming five years.

What is a democracy essay?

A democracy essay is a short note on the way of government in a country. As Pakistan is a democratic country therefore we can easily write a short essay on democracy in Pakistan.

What is Democracy short essay?

Democracy short essay means a short paragraph in which we will define the democracy definition and some details of democracy in our words in three to four lines with some images.

What is the importance of democracy?

In my view, democracy is very important for the success of a country. As Pakistan is a democratic country therefore we can change our prime-minister at any time and we select the government by our vote. There is a respect for the vote of the common man in a democracy.

What is a Democracy introduction?

The introduction of a democracy is to elect the government of the country by voting. In a democracy, we have to vote to choose our leader as we choose Mr. Imran Khan as the elected prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


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