How to Write a Cover Letter – All Easy Steps


If you are looking for a good job then you must know how to write a great cover letter. However, sometimes writing a good cover letter could be a difficult task.

But if you learn how to write a cover letter for an internship that can be useful for you then you could get a job because it stands out from the rest.

How to Write a Cover Letter
How to Write a Cover Letter – Simple – Easy – Step by Step Guide

You can send your resume with your cover letter and get a job if it is well written. Hence in this particular article, we will define what is the features of a good cover letter? And look at some of the tips for writing a perfect cover letter according to a job posting.

How to Write a Cover Letter

Before writing a professional cover letter, you should know the basics of a cover letter. Why this covering letter is written and what is the importance of a cover letter.

So first you need to know what a cover letter is.

A cover letter reflects your abilities, skills, and technical approach that is briefly described on your job resume. The cover letter is the key along with your CV to get hired fast. Your cover letter could make or break things, like getting a call for an interview or having ignored your letter.

A cover letter must reflect the summary of what is written in your job resume and duplicate it. The cover letter creates the first impression on your potential employer.

Hence, a good cover letter must have the following features.

Features of a Good Cover Letter
                                                               Features of a Good Cover Letter

Features of a Good Cover Letter

Here are essential characteristics of a good cover letter, follow this point may increase your knowledge and think about the cover letter:

1. It should be professional.

A cover letter is the first impression of your complete abilities on the manager. You should have to write your cover letter professionally. Your resume is where you list your basic and professional qualifications for the position to which you are applying.

But in your cover letter, you have to describe your key skills and good qualities which may differ you from others. Your personality and techniques to get hired is shown here.

Basically to get hired for a professional job is your own tactics and key skills which you used while writing a professional cover letter.

2. Fulfill the job requirements

Read the job advertisement carefully and thoroughly. Search for the key points which can increase your chance to get hired fast. Properly read your job description if hired and the requirements of qualifications, experience and personal capabilities.

Write the cover letter according to the job description. Use the hiring authority keywords and wordings which will make you more perfect for that job and may selected for a job interview.

3. Make Your Cover Letter More Attractive

The interviewer will read your job cover letter before they read your CV. That’s your first opportunity to catch his or her attention fast. If your cover letter is written perfectly and according to the interviewer requirements then your chance to get hired is brighter. Resume after cover letter should be attractive as well to get more attention.

Key Factor: Proper use of headings and Bold Italic factors can get more attention

4. Shows what you can do for them

It’s the most interesting part of a cover letter. In this area, you have to show the solution of a problem that is facing by the industry/department without having that post you are applying for. A cover letter should be the job-specific not a general for all jobs.

In simple words, it should be customized for the position to which you are applying. By this the interviewer know you are really interested in that position and will be prove a problem solver if hired.

A good cover letter always essential to get the job. Your first impression is your job cover letter. Try to make it simple but tricky and comprehensive. Use small but powerful words that fulfill your all skills and well as hiring agency requirements.

If you want to know more about How to write a perfect cover letter, please tell me in the comments section or use the contact us page, I will try my best to write a perfect resume cover letter for you.

5. Sample of a Perfect Cover Letter for an Internship

Here is a sample of a perfect cover letter for an Internship. Writing a successful letter for a job interview is a dream of everyone. You can get and follow these guidelines while making a cover letter for a job post.

                               How to Write a Cover Letter Sample
Types of a Cover Letter.
                                                            Types of a Cover Letter.

Types of a Cover Letter.

Generally, there are three different kinds of cover letters. Find which type of cover letter is better for you in 2020. I have shared all types of effective and successful cover letters, you can prepare or draft a cover letter for CV according to the position requirements.

1.      Application Cover Letter for Job:

Here you respond to a job vacancy that is known to you. You know everything about the job description and you are writing the cover letter according to given post. In this type of letter, you have to show your skills, qualifications, and abilities.

2.      Prospection Cover Letter

Here you do not know about the job you are applying because you are writing the cover letter to inquire about the particular position or a job post. Here, the cover letter is different from the Application letter and in this letter you do not show your skills and abilities.

3.      Networking Cover letter

Here you do not know anything about the job. You request about the information and ask for assistance for searching a job.

Therefore all these 3 types of cover letter differ from one another. You need to know how to write each of them. We compare all types of cover letter to give you a comparison and you could choose which cover letter is best for you.

Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter
                                                     Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter

Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter

Here are a few general tips for writing a good cover letter. You need to write the cover letter step by step as I mentioned below. By applying these tips you can write an excellent cover letter and get your dream job as soon as your skills and abilities to write a great cover letter.

Step 1: Choose Best Type of Cover Letter You Want to Write

As I mentioned above there are three different kinds of cover letters. You have to choose one of them according to your needs. A compelling covering letter is a short one but constructed very well to get an attraction.

I must suggest you that you must design the letter according to the type of cover letter you want to write. Work on the type job description you are applying.

Step 2: Proper Formatting of the Cover Letter

Once you have chosen now you have to write in a correct format which is accepted by the industry. It is an example of a successful cover letter that it fulfills the employment guidelines and the proper managed as per the generic cover letter.

Here you have to place content in the right area of the letter, presentation is very important whether the letter is hardcopy or you are sending through an email.

Step 3: See Examples of Well Written Cover Letters

You can read different types of cover letters and learn how others are creating it. If you like a format or template then you use it for designing your cover letter. Because a cover letter written as per the given format is more valuable than the raw format.

Step 4: Choose Perfect Cover Letter Template

IF you are getting nowhere then you could start with at least a template of a cover letter.

Templates could help you in creating the cover letter that are personal and reflects your resume. Hence, predefined templates are the best cover letter templates.

Step 5: Include Right Words in the Letter

You need to include the right kind of keywords that are related to your job description. If your description is written well then there is a greater chance that your cover letter is selected for the interview.

It will help standing out from the rest.

Step 6: Prepare Custom Cover Letter if Not a Template

Writing a custom letter could be difficult because it is very time-consuming. It takes a lot of time and hard to write a cover letter of different types.

However, if you are able to write a custom cover letter then it might stand out from the rest.

Step 7: How to Write a Personalized Cover Letter

Creating a personalized cover letter means you should know about the manager or HR that is hiring you.

While creating the cover letter you can use his or her name so that it gets a personal touch. It will really improve your chances of getting selected.

Step 8: Online Cover Letter vs. Offline

You can send your cover letter via email rather than using a hard copy. You have to follow the instructions given by the employers.

Attach your resume to the cover letter and send it to your employer. You can use Microsoft Word or Adobe Files.

Step 9: Include Address on Your Cover Letter

It is very important to describe briefly your home address and phone number on the cover letter. You have to know the address for the mailing of your cover letter. Sometimes you don’t know the address and you have to find out and have to write it down on a piece of paper.

The example of an address on a simple cover letter is House # 123, (First Floor), Street # 01, Block # 15, ABC Town, Your City, Your Country. Phone # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Step 10: Send Your Complete CV with the Cover Letter

Finally, you have to send your resume with the cover letter. You need to send both of them as an attachment via email.

A Strong killer cover letter must include all the important information in your cover letter. You will definitely get a call for the interview.

So these were steps that you need to follow while creating a cover letter. If you do follow them then your resume may get noticed among others.

How long should a cover letter be?
                                                      How long should a cover letter be?

How long should a cover letter be?

The main reason of writing an effective cover letter is to get hired fast but there are always some problems whenever you want to write a cover letter for an internship or government or private job. The length of a cover letter is depended upon the nature of the job you are applying for and your abilities as well as skills.

In short, you should have to write about 300 words cover letter for a good job. You will have to define all of your key abilities and skills according to job requirements and industry workings.

What to do Before Writing a Cover Letter?
                                           What to do Before Writing a Cover Letter?

What to do Before Writing a Cover Letter?

There are several questions and their answers, you should have in your mind before writing or composing a cover letter. The main point of a strong cover letter is that it based on the comprehensive research of the company and job role.

Before you start writing, find out more about the company and the specific job you want. Look at the company’s website, its executives’ Twitter feeds, and employee profiles on LinkedIn. “Do some research beyond reading the job description,” says Lees.

Find out what challenges the company is facing and how your role would help address those. Knowing the company better also helps you decide on the right tone to use in your cover letter. This will help you while composing a killer cover letter for job.


Now, this is the world of the compitition, all of the applicants want to get any published job by the advertising agency. In this time only techniques and skill of writing a cover letter may be helpful to get a good job as early as possible. So, stay connected with and stay happy <3.


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