MES Jobs 2020 – Latest Military Engineer Services Vacancies

MES Jobs 2020 – Latest Military Engineer Services Vacancies Military Engineer Services

The Military Engineer Services Pakistan came into the constitution on 4 December 1923. It is a governmental agency that has the responsibility to organize, develop and maintain defense infrastructure. To elaborate MES works for marine structures, designing buildings, construction of roads, maintenance, airfields, bridges, electricity, water supply, sewerage, Sui gas, drainage, furniture, stores, and hangars.

Latest MES Jobs 2020

MES has different cadres to serve all these purposes. MES has exclusive cadres of Building and Roads (B&R), Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) and Furniture and Stores (F&S). All these cadres have expertise in their assigned departments.MES is an inter-services organization that works for Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force and DP Division respectively.

MES Vacancies Latest

The Chief Engineer and Director of Works are responsible to overlook the functions of MES, ensure effectiveness and quality, deliberate planning and ensure close liaison between departments. The Formations HQ of MES is responsible for maintenance/repairs and minor works in Pak Navy, Air Force and DP Division. MES runs Military College of Engineering (MCE) Risalpur where different types of training courses are being taught to MES officers.

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The supervisory and technical staff of MES also takes courses related to their field from this college. The candidates interested in availing vacancies at the Military Engineer Services Pakistan can get information about emerging jobs from our website. The vacancy information at MES on our website will contain the last date of application submission along with rank and number of vacancies available. Visit our website to get daily basis information about emerging vacancies in government and private companies of Pakistan.