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There are many ways to understand the Difference between Novel and Book. The easiest way to differentiate between Novel and Book is by reading of comparison. Alawanweb has the best comparison of Novel vs Book. There is much difference between a novel and a book. Physically, they look the same, but inside they are far different. A novel is a collection of many ideas, stories, characters, and fantasies. The ideas bound together with the writer’s imagination to become a novel. It is always a fiction novel. If it is not fiction, then the book is not a novel. While a book is like a novel. But, a book has many pictures or images inside the pages. “Every novel is a book, but every book is not a novel.”

Novel vs Book Comparison Table:

Sr # Novel Book
01 Every novel is a book Every book is not a novel

Novel vs Book by Definition:

What is a Book?

A book can be anything ranging from non-fiction to fiction. A book is a broad term used to talk about any written work pertaining to the subjects studied by the students, a non-fiction work, a work of poetry, a novel, or a written work on any discipline for that matter. Moreover, a writer of books is simply called a writer or author. Then, the purpose of writing a book is to explore the subject upon which the book is being written. It deals with the rudiments of the subject, explains the various principles underlying the rudiments, and finally, it aims at the successful completion. This is the way how a book is written.

What is a Novel?

The novel, on the other hand, is necessarily a book on fiction. Moreover, the novel is a term that refers only to a written work that contains a story described very elaborately. Thus, it can be said that novel is a subset of a book. A writer of novels is necessarily called a novelist. It is interesting to note that a novelist too is sometimes called a writer. The purpose of writing a novel is to tell a story successfully.

A novel is written to tell a story from the beginning to the end. A book is written to discuss a subject matter. Thus, it can be said that a book and a novel differ from each other in terms of their purposes too. The book is also used to speak of a set of blank sheets that are bound together for someone to write in. For example, exercise books.

“Every novel is a book, but every book is not a novel.”

Novel vs Book by Writing:

How to write a Novel?


How to Write a Book?

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