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Yakeen Ka Safar Full Episodes

Yakeen Ka Safar (The Journey of Faith) is a Pakistani television’s drama serial that releases in 2017, on reputed drama channel Hum TV. It is written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Shahzad Kashmiri. The writer and director both are Pakistan nationality holders. It was created by Momina Duraid of MD Productions. The show was first aired on Hum TV, as a part of night programming all under Duraid’s production company.

Drama Serial Yakeen Ka Safar Full Episodes HD

The Drama ‘’’Yakeen Ka Safar’’’ has an ensemble cast with Ahad Raza Mir as Dr. Asfandyar, Sajjal Ali as Dr. Zubia, Shaz Khan as Daniyal and Hira Salman as Gaiti in leading roles.

Detailed Summary Table of Yakeen Ka Safar

Here is a detailed Summary of Yakeen Ka Safar By TUM TV

Sr #TitleDetails
01LanguageURDU / HINDI
02Country Pakistan
03Channel / TVHUM TV
04Release Date / Year2017
05Drama / MovieDRAMA

The story of Yakeen Ka Safar

Yakeen ka Safar is the story of three families, battling with devils, devils within and outside. Zubia Khalil, a young girl who witnessed her mother murdered by her father, yet she can’t say a single word. An educated family which is struggling to find its place in this double standard society. Last but not least, a poor village girl, who is gang-raped and left for dead by powerful and corrupt people of the village, trying to find justice. What happens next is a struggle, which may or may not result in good people winning. To find out more, watch this engaging drama online on HUM TV’s website.


Yakeen Ka Safar All Episodes
  • First Episode of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 02 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 03 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 04 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 05 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 06 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 07 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 08 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 09 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 10 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Yaqeen Ka Safar Episode 11
  • Yaken Ka Safar Episode 12
  • Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 13
  • Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 14
  • Yaken Ka Safar Episode 15
  • Yaken Ka Safar Episode 16
  • Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 17
  • Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 18
  • Yaken Ka Safar Episode 19
  • Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 20
  • Episode 21 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 22 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 23 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 24 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 25 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 26 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 27 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Episode 29 of Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Last Episode of Yaqeen Ka Safar

First Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

2nd Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

3rd Episode of Yaken Ka Safar:

4th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

5th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

6th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:


6th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

7th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

8th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

9th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

10th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

11th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

12th Episode of Yaqeen Ka Safar:

13th Episode of Yaqeen Ka Safar:

14th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

15th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

16th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

17th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

18th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

19th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

20th Episode of Yakin Ka Safar:

21th Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

22th Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

23rd Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

24th Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

25th Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

26th Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

27th Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

28th Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

Last Episode of Yakeen Ka Safar:

Yaqeen Ka Safar – HUM TV OST – Hadiqa Kiani (2017)

Conclusion and Reviews of Yakin Ka Safar

Hence, you have seen Yakin ka Safar full drama online. Because of you like this drama, therefore, if you want to review this drama then you can do it on the official website. Also, You can see reviews of drama serial yakin ka Safar on the official HUM TV website.

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